Consolidated Statements of Profit and loss

Based on recent business trends, the Company has revised its full-year business forecast for the fiscal year ending November 2021 (December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021) announced on June 30, 2021.
During the subject third quarter period, although areas under the state of emergency in Japan expanded due to the spread of a COVID-19 variant and such, socio-economic activities are returning to normal with the current increase in the vaccination rate.
Under such circumstances, concerning forecast figures of full-year consolidated results, the Company has worked with an aim to achieve at least the bottom figures of the range by carefully watching the external environment and replacing properties planned to be sold during the period, including postponing the sale of hotels to the next fiscal year. As a result, net sales and operating income are expected to fall within the forecast range previously announced.

(Unit: ¥mn)

  FY11/20 FY11/21 (E)

Full-Year Forecast

YoY increase/ (decrease)
Net sales 10,120 89,000 (12.0)%
Operating income 17,355 10,000 (42.4)%
 Ordinary income 15,247 13,000 (14.7)%
  Net income 10,615 13,500 27.2%
Net income per share (¥) 261.23