Consolidated Statements of Profit and loss

In line with making Wealth Management, Inc. an equity-method affiliate, an amount equivalent to negative goodwill will be recorded as non-operating income. Because the approximate amount of the negative goodwill had to be reflected in the earnings forecast accordingly, upward revisions to the earnings forecast and dividend forecast for the fiscal year ending November 2021 were made on June 30, 2021. As it remains difficult to accurately predict the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Company continues to present a forecast range envisioning several different scenarios, forecasting net sales of between ¥88,000 million and \120,000 million, with operating income of between \10,000 million and \11,800 million, ordinary income of between ¥12,200 million and \13,600 million, and profit attributable to owners of parent of between ¥11,900 million and \12,900 million.

(Unit: ¥mn)

  FY11/20 FY11/21 (E)

Full-Year Forecast

YoY increase/ (decrease)
Net sales 10,120 88,000~120,000 (13.0)~18.7%
Operating income 17,355 10,000~11,800 (42.4)~(32.0)%
 Ordinary income 15,247 11,600~13,000 (23.9)~(14.7)%
  Net income 10,615 11,300~12,300 6.5~15.9%
Net income per share (¥) 261.23