The first promotion event for local media and various sales companies by Vinhomes, which is linked with the sales activities of THE SAKURA PJ, was conducted online on May 27, and 16,000 viewers tuned in. 

The promotion featured various projects introduced as briefing sessions on sales for THE METROLINES*, and with regard to Samty Group, an investor of THE SAKURA PJ’s developer S-VIN, the local project manager explained the company’s track record as well as its goal to affirm its long-standing reliability in Japan and the quality of THE SAKURA:

“We promise to provide safe, secure and comfortable residential environments with high growth potential that has been seen in recent years, diversity among development projects and the portfolio, as well as the refined design of the “S-RESIDENCE Series” that we are developing in Japan and a wealth of experience based on Samty’s core values (management philosophy).”  

*Among the entire Vinhomes Smart City block, THE SAKURA PJ is collectively referred to as “THE METROLINES” together with two other projects. 

Website of “THE SAKURA PJ” opens

The local official website opened ahead of the launch of sales.

About Vinhomes TV

The video of the online sales training for THE METROLINES held for local sales companies by Vinhomes can be viewed on YouTube.

*The video is in Vietnamese