The Samty Group, as the comprehensive real estate company developing across Japan, strives to build up trust with all of our stakeholders and contribute to the sustainability of the society by carrying out business activities under the theme of regional revitalization.

Practice of Corporate Philosophy

Supporting people taking on the challenge of “Realization of Dreams”

The CSR of the Samty Group is to contribute to the development of society by materializing the “Realization of Dreams” as stipulated in the management philosophy through business activities.
The Group actively supports activities of people tirelessly challenging and striving for their dreams through the engagement in social volunteering activities or sports that nurture motivation to make the dreams and goals come true.

Regional Community x Employment

Our vision

Major activities

We will work to first and foremost comply with laws, execute business management from a broader view inclusive of ESG perspective, and strengthen corporate governance to become a company that is trusted by everyone.

Contribution to local communities through development and ownership of real estate


We keep and enhance the value of building property, and provide valueadded real estate properties with excellent quality through our effective use of the properties. We invest into various regions across Japan to generate an economic cycle for local communities.


  • Create new employment opportunities by the supply of hotels, etc.
  • Contribution to regional communities through transactions with institutional tenants and PM companies.

Enhancement of engagement of employees


We continuously promote initiatives to enhance engagement from employees that are essential to secure talent and growth. We set out human resource plans recognizing the importance of values and career plans of employees.


  • Active use of mid-career recruitment
  • Self-development system
  • Consideration for health and safety (improvement of work environment),etc.

Establishment of risk management system


We provide for the “The Code of Conduct of the Group,” the underlying root of management philosophy, to prescribe standards in actions adhering to high ethical standards. We will establish sincere communication with our stakeholders.


  • BCP measures (decentralization of offices and assets)
  • Compliance training, etc.

JFA Kokoro Project (Dream Classes)

“JFA Kokoro Project” is an activity in which former and current top athletes are dispatched to elementary and junior high schools as “Dream Teachers” to convey the “importance of having a dream,” “striving to make that dream come true,” and the “strength of mind to overcome failure and setbacks,” and aims to contribute to the healthy development of children’s bodies and minds.  
Our management philosophy of “Realization of Dreams through Ethics, Passion, and Challenge” has an affinity with the philosophy of this project, “Tell as many children as possible about the wonders of having a dream,” as they both share the keyword “dream.” We will support those who strive for a dream or goal by sponsoring “Dream Classes.” 

JFA Kokoro Project (external link)

Samty title-sponsors “Dream Classes”

Dream Teachers: Junichi Miyashita (Bronze medalist in swimming at the Beijing Olympics), Sotaro Yasunaga (former J-League player) 
An online edition of “Dream Classes” sponsored by our company was held on November 22, 2021, offering a title-sponsored class for about 100 fifth-grade students at Osaka Municipal Mikuni Elementary School in Osaka City where our company was founded. 
The Dream Teachers connected with the students by showing them photos and footage of their playing days and held a lively class. The students listened intently to the teachers’ messages and worked on their assignment diligently. At the end of the class, the students, who had listened to the teachers’ stories, gave a presentation on their own dreams to conclude the class. Afterward, the teachers handed back the Dream Sheets with their written responses to the students and ended the class.  

Going forward, the Samty Group will continue to seek to coexist with local communities through “provision of support to people who strive for a dream” across the nation, such as children and current and former athletes.

Reizeike Shiguretei Bunko (Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto)

We register membership supporters for the Charitable Organization, Reizeike Shiguretei Bunko, aimed at preserving the Reizeike building and its archives, the oldest and only remaining aristocratic home in Japan. We hope to undertake initiatives focused on regional areas to contribute to preserving historical architectures and the vitalization and development of traditional cultures across the nation beyond the Kansai regions.