With sustainability management centered on people,
we aim to make a quantum leap into the next era


I would like to first express my respect and heartfelt appreciation to all the medical personnel struggling to cope with the novel coronavirus.


Greetings to all shareholders.


Due to changes in the business environment caused by the spread of COVID-19, the Samty Group revised our Medium-Term Management Plan, which maps out our plan to strengthen our business base by promoting theIncome Gains Business (rental income, etc.), which is the source of stable earnings. Furthermore, we are constantly working to respond to the demands of changing times and pursuing future growth potential in Japan and overseas through our Hotel Business that supports Japan’s goal of becoming a tourism-oriented nation, as well as ourhousing development business in Asia, for which growth is expected.
Moreover, given the increasing importance of sustainability management today, the Samty Group has formulated a new basic policy. People are the ones who support these individual initiatives. Building a rewarding work environment in which employees can work comfortably over the long term is at the core of sustainability management, which we plan to connect to our various business activities.
As we welcome our 40th anniversary, we have formulated a new corporate slogan, “Samty, Beyond real estate”.
This new corporate slogan demonstrates our desire for individual employees to rise to the challenge of a new era through free thinking not bound by the preexisting notions of the real estate business to ensure continuous growth even amid a social environment poised for further change. The Samty Group will continue to pursue the “Realization of Dreams” and growth with people as the main actors, and we appreciate your continued support.


Thank you for your continued understanding and support of the Samty Group.

Yasuhiro Ogawa<br/>Representative Director and President
Yasuhiro Ogawa
Representative Director and President