Seek the “realization of dreams” for all people, and further enhance enterprise value.


I would like to first express my respect and heartfelt appreciation to all the medical personnel struggling to cope with the novel coronavirus.


Greetings to all shareholders.


Founded in 1982, Samty Group has continued to expand its business operations, focusing on real estate development and leasing. We have exceeded the confines of a conventional real estate developer, entering the REIT business in 2015 to secure a stable earnings foundation, and steadily growing Samty Residential Investment Corporation. In April 2019 we concluded a capital and business alliance with Daiwa Securities Group Inc., and are expanding cooperation. Further, in December 2020 we launched a housing development project in the Smart City district of Hanoi, Vietnam in partnership with Vinhomes (VHM), the country’s largest commercial real estate developer. Going forward, Samty will continue to proactively pursue overseas business development with a long-term perspective.


In consideration of the continued spread of the coronavirus around the world and the drastic changes in the business environment, Samty decided to revise its Samty Toughening Plan business plan. Our mainstay business of rental apartments continues to post steady growth in occupancy rates, rents, and sales prices. While maintaining the core strategies of the Samty Toughening Plan, we have added as new key strategies 1) Develop and hold properties; 2) Continue measures to establish a hotel REIT; 3) Continue strategic investments in metropolitan areas of major regional cities; and 4) Establish an earnings foundation in the overseas business. We have set a management plan of within the five years to 2025, reaching one trillion yen in total group assets, and expansion of stable earnings. Going forward, Samty will maintain the stability of its business foundation, and make flexible and appropriate management decisions to contribute to earnings for shareholders.


For conducting business under the “new normal,” Samty will continue its efforts to decrease instances of direct contact, take steps to ensure the safety of our business partners, employees, and their families, and work together as a corporate group to shift to a flexible and efficient working style. We will also pursue measures to address CSR and environmental issues, and seek to contribute to society.


Samty's management philosophy is based on “Ethics, Passion, and Challenge,” and the “Realization of Dreams.” Based on this philosophy, we will make a concerted effort as a corporate group to further enhance our enterprise value.


Thank you for your continued understanding and support of the Samty Group.

Yasuhiro Ogawa<br/>Representative Director and President
Yasuhiro Ogawa
Representative Director and President