Samty Co., Ltd. complies with laws and related regulations regarding the protection of personal information. We make all efforts to ensure the proper handling and secure management of personal information, in line with the following policies.


  1. We will comply with all laws and related regulations regarding the protection of personal information when handling, using, and providing personal information, and manage such information properly and with care.
  2. We will preserve the accuracy of personal information, and manage it securely.
  3. We will properly and promptly respond to requests from individuals for the disclosure, correction, cessation of use, deletion, or other action regarding their personal information.
  4. We will make all efforts to continually maintain security measures to prevent the loss, alteration, or leakage of personal information, as well as unauthorized access to personal information.
  5. We will establish internal structures for the protection of personal information, and make all efforts to ensure their effectiveness, and as necessary to revise them with continual improvements.


Established April 1, 2005

Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Collection of Personal Information

Samty collects personal information through appropriate methods upon providing disclosure, specification, and notification to the individual regarding the purpose of use of such information. Use of personal information is limited to the scope of this purpose of use.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Samty uses personal information for the following purposes.


1) To successfully execute the sales and purchase, lease, management, or brokerage of real estate, or other incidental business

2) Sales activities (sending of mailings or email, telephone, visits, etc.), related to the above businesses, analysis of customer trends, or research analysis for product development or other activities

3) Providing to third parties, such as partner companies and affiliated firms, within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of 1) and 2) above


Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties


Samty, in accordance with legal regulations, and within the scope necessary to achieve the above purpose of use, may provide to third parties such as partner companies and affiliated firms, as follows.


1) Information provided may include name, address, telephone number (include mobile numbers), property data, age, date of birth, gender, email address, annual income, contract data, other data within the scope necessary to achieve the above purpose of use.

2) Means of provision may include digital data, written materials such as mailing labels or survey forms, or lists.

3) We will, at the request of the individual, cease providing information to third parties such as partner companies and affiliated firms. However, if we cease using such information, users should be aware there may be services that we are no longer able to provide.

Examples partner companies or affiliated firms

Joint venture companies, sales collaboration firms, juridical scriveners, land and building surveyors,

* Use information for registration procedures, such as registration of ownership rights, or setting of mortgage when financing is used

Financial and insurance firms

* Use information for asset screening and extension of loans when financing is used, application procedures for property or life insurance

Management companies

* Use information for building management and follow-up services

Construction companies

Use information for design changes and follow-up services

Others (such as moving companies, or interior goods companies)

Regarding the Management of Personal Information

Samty will preserve the accuracy of personal information, and manage it securely.

Regarding the Disclosure, Correction, Cessation of Use, and Deletion of Personal Information

Samty recognizes that individuals have the right to demand the disclosure, correction, cessation of use, deletion, or other action regarding their personal information, and will respond promptly to such demands.


Opinions or questions regarding Samty's handling of personal information should be directed to the company’s personal information consultation desk (Administration Department, Tel: 06-6838-3616).

Regarding the Basic Policy for Information Security

Basic Policy for Information Security

Samty's corporate philosophy is that “Life is the realization of dreams.” As a company that helps customers to realize their dreams through real estate, this is also a place where we who work here realize our dreams. The information that is central to our corporate activity is a major element for making dreams come true. We will surpass all others to quickly and accurately collect and utilize beneficial information. The personal information that customers entrust with use to provide them with new information and follow-up services is also important.


As companies become increasingly sophisticated and complex, the necessary and varied information they use for the conduct of business is under threat. Samty considers this important information as an asset. We have formulated a Basic Policy for Information Security, promoted awareness of the policy among employees and managers, and established an information management system to properly protect all of the information assets handled by the company.


We consider this to be an important management policy to further enhance the sense of security among our customers and business partners, to maintain the trust of society by properly protecting information assets, and to promote business growth.


  1. Information security is a vital management and business issue for the company, and we will make a concerted effort as a company in this regard.
  2. The collection, use, and provision of information assets in the course of business will be conducted properly in light of legal and regulatory requirements, contractual security obligations, and related internal rules.
  3. We will take appropriate measures to prevent and/or rectify the unauthorized access of information assets, as well as the theft, loss, leakage, falsification, or destruction of information assets.
  4. We will ensure that all employees, including directors, are aware of the importance of information security, familiarize them with the proper use of information assets, and conduct education and training in information security to ensure proper handling.
  5. We will make all efforts to prevent an information security breach, and should such a breach occur, will promptly take all appropriate action, including measures to prevent a reoccurrence.
  6. We will establish and implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to provide for information security.


Established April 1, 2005