Note:The Samty Group comprises Samty Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries (meaning the general term for consolidated subsidiaries as prescribed by Article 2-4 of the “Ordinance on Terminology, Forms and Preparation Methods of Consolidated Financial Statements” (Ministry of Finance Ordinance No. 28, and later revisions)), as well as Samty Residential Investment Corporation, a special purpose company (SPC) in which Samty has invested, but is not a consolidated subsidiary.

The Samty Group continues to grow as a comprehensive real estate
company handling all aspects of the property business within the corporate group, including the purchasing of land for development of rental residential properties, etc., properties planning and development,rental solicitation, property management, property holding and sales, and fund management for REITs.
The Capital Gains Business gaining incomes through the development and transaction of real estate properties, and the Income Gains Business earning rental income, hotel guest room income, and various management fees and the likes comprise the earnings base of the Group.