A long track record in property development and provision allows the creation of new values.

The Real Estate Development Business is a core business to handle the developer business of the Samty Group. 
In the domestic market, the Company focuses on developing real estate properties raising income to plan and develop products that capture regional characteristics and needs. The Samty Group has a long track record of the assessment of rental residential properties in major cities nationwide and the management of leasing operations, among other functions, and will optimize its resources. As a real estate company with hubs throughout Japan, the Samty Group will continue to actively focus on development in regional cities and will work to contribute to creating living environments and spaces that are comfortable, in line with its purpose to make strategic investments in regional metropolitan areas.
Please refer to the "Rental Apartment “S-RESIDENCE” Series" page under Property Information for details.

S-RESIDENCE Saitama Shintoshin
(Omiya-Ward Saitama)

(Yodogawa-Ward Osaka)

(Nishi-Ward Nagoya)

(Nishi-Ward Nagoya)